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Real Outdoor Enthusiasts Who Use The Bino-Pac System

"As a long time western big game hunter I am always looking for a tool to make my hunting experience better. Bino-Pac is the most comfortable personal optics carrying system I’ve ever used and I have used a lot. Bino-Pac distributes the weight across my shoulders and back rather than concentrating it on two narrow elastic straps on my shoulders alone. Give Bino-Pac a try. I’m sure you’ll agree."

Jay Houston
Author of Elk Hunting 101

Elkcamp.com | HuntConnections.com

"If this binocular harness were rated on a scale of 1 - 10 it is a TEN!"

Jason Balazs,
Product Tester

"I'm back from Africa, the Bino Pac “ Safari Combos “ exceeded my expectations! The only problem was that upon arrival at Sandveld Safaris in South Africa the owner PH Francois De Wet grabbed my Bino-Pac after only trying them once. I was stuck with his old elastic strap harness and over the shoulder strap.

For the month of March we tested and compared the Bino-Pac against the elastic strap conventional harness. We both use Swarovski SLC 10x42 binos which are considered heavy, but no problem for the Bino Pac, the shoulders carry the weight effortlessly and the binos raise to the eyes without the usual elastic strap pull back. When I am glassing all day these two advantages are extremely important. The quick release clips were a big plus when removing the binos to load and unload game from the back of the Land Cruiser. When glassing from the Cruiser, rather than on foot, the Bino-Strap's single shoulder strap allowed for dashboard carry of strap and bino’s yet provided over the shoulder carry for those short walks from the truck. The quick release clips made switching from strap to harness effortless. The Desert Shadow camo was perfect for South Africa. I am going to need another Bino-Pac Harness as PH DeWet kept mine!"

Jack Logan ,
Sandveld Safaris
Director of Bino-Pac Testing, South Africa

"I recently got a chance to put my hands on the Bino-Pac Binocular Harness and we love it!

I have actually been looking for the best shoulder binocular carrying system for WILD Jaeger to partner with for a while now and had 2 other models in my bag to take back to Germany to help me with evaluation of those companies for being a WILD Jaeger Preferred Product.

Sending John that sample Binocular Harness changed all that and now we are partnered with Bino-Pac. What a great product. We look forward to a lasting relationship and distribution of Bino-Pac Products across Europe!

Ricky Mills


"My Dad and I just spent 3 days hunting elk in the Uinta Mountains in Utah. We spent a lot of time glassing hillsides with our binoculars, and hiking with our Bino-Pac harnesses. They make carrying and using binoculars so easy and comfortable. My Dad is a long time user, and I got my first harness this year and absolutely love it. Perfectly designed, innovative sliding strap eliminates any strain on your neck, and moves with you. While walking in the woods, there is no bouncing, and yet the binoculars are just there when you need them. Great product!"... Thanks Bino-Pac!

P. Gaylord

Hunter and Alpinist


After processing a recent product exchange we received this note from our satisfied customer:

Dear Bino-Pac,

I received the Large Bino-Cover and it will work much better than the small.

I am impressed with your company's attention to customer satisfaction and the rapid return of my order.  Communication and courtesy are getting rare these days, so it is refreshing to deal with a company that still cares.  The first associate I dealt with was also friendly and attentive.

Thank you,

Chris Ramirez

8953 Silver Creek Rd, Park City, UT 84098 • 719 332-7355
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