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Bino-Cover Small

The new Bino-Cover from Bino-Pac will keep your binoculars clean and dry in all conditions. It is made from the same Quiet Camo that is used with our Bino-Pac Binocular Harness but we laminate it to a coated pack cloth to create a strong and waterproof cover for your binoculars.

There is a handy pull-tab at the bottom, large enough for gloved hands, so that the cover can be quickly removed from the binoculars for viewing. We have encased the pull-tab in clear tubing so that it keeps its shape and is easy to find without looking. The two side loop cords easily attach to your Bino-Pac Harness or any other strap configuration. This is a great product for those who are out in all kinds of weather. The Bino-Cover comes in two sizes Large or Small. It will accommodate any binocular and is available in Mountain Camo.

  • Bino cover hanging on chest
  • Binocular cover to hang on shoulders
  • Hanging binocular case on chest
  • Binocular cover - Binocular Case


Bino-Cover works to protect your binoculars from the elements. Whether it is rain, snow or dust your optics will be covered by the Bino-Cover. We have taken our Quiet Camo and laminated it to a coated pac cloth to give you a strong, lite and durable cover for your binoculars.
Bino-cover lg pic Bino-Cover Small

The ultimate accessory to protect your binoculars from adverse weather.

Small Size

Fits 4.5" to 6" roof prism binoculars

This cover is designed to fit small sized binoculars.

$19.00 QTY
Bino-cover lg pic Bino-Cover Large

The ultimate accessory to protect your binoculars from adverse weather.

Large Size

Fits 6.5" to 9.5" length binoculars

Designed for most 10 x 42 and larger roof prism binoculars.

$19.00 QTY
Bino-Cover Small
Binocular cover - Binocular Case
Bino-Cover Large
hunting product - bino cover
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